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Stripped Down To Real Product Review: Usborne Books

Hey guys! I'm back with another product review, and I'm super geeked about this one! Today's review is all about Usborne Books, and why I'm giving them a thumbs up on my end.

What is Usborne Books? Usborne is a direct sales company, MLM model company, founded in 1989. The company sells children's literature, including a wide variety of educational children's books. A United Kingdom-based publisher of children's literature. Founded by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne Publishing uses an in-house team of writers, editors and designers and is translated into over 100 languages.

How did you hear about Usborne Books? The first time I ever heard about Usborne books was when a friend from high school reached out to me a few years ago to tell me about how great the books were.

How long have you purchasing from Usborne Books? It's only been 2 weeks since I had my first experience with Usborne, and placed my first order.

What did you think of Usborne Books before purchasing them? I say this in EVERY review- It's NOT personal, but I tend to be a huge skeptic when it comes to MLM companies. My honest opinion has always been: MLM and direct sells are always out to get peoples money, more often than not...for a product that's not really worth the high price tag that accompanies their product/s, and usually always for the benefit of the people at the top-not the customer. If I'm being honest, I initially thought Usborne was no different. Just 'keeping it real'.

What made you want to try Usborne, especially if you were a skeptic? One of my best friends became a consultant for Usborne books and had asked if I'd be interested in hosting an online Facebook party. I really just wanted to support her in her new venture, and figured if I got one MAYBE two free books that I could tuck away for Christmas for my kids-then it'd be a win in my book! (It makes me laugh a little writing this you guys, because I had NO idea how awesome the hostess rewards were going to actually end up being!)

What 'sold you' on Usborne? Two things!

First -The Hostess Rewards! It was so easy to do a party. I didn't want to spam all my friends on Facebook, we all get enough invites right!? Instead, I just made an open post about the party to whom ever was interested. It was an online Facebook party, so I didn't have to clean my house to have people over. Bonus- I was able to shop in my pajamas, with a glass of wine, while my husband put the kids to bed by himself. #winning I had only 4 people participate/purchase items from my party, and I walked away with $140 of FREE BOOKS! AND on top of that, I got another $100 of books at half cost! That 'one free book' I originally hoped to walk away with, ended up being 21 books!!! I'm not exaggerating for dramatic effect when I say, that my mind was BLOWN you guys! We actually decided with how many books we received through the online party, that we'd wrap each one and do a December Book Advent. That way we can unwrap one book a day, and read it as a family. Plus, a really great bonus was that friends of mine who ordered through my party got to see first hand how beneficial the hostess rewards were, and ended up doing their own party to build up their own library of free books!

Secondly-The Quality/Variety Of Their Books! When I received my shipment of books (less than a week later) I was again, genuinely shocked by what good quality the books were! After my husband and I put the kids to bed that night, we each sat in the office looking through all the books and reading some of them ourselves, without the kids. Go figure! HEY! If us parents have to read to our kids every day, we might as well purchase books that spark our interest as well as theirs! I love the variety of books they offer to customers. We ordered SO many educational books that make learning fun! For example- A picture dictionary with QR codes that you can scan with your cell phone as you read to your kids, and it will pull up more interactive resources like videos and games. We also bought books that inspire creativity, which I adore! "How to write a story!", "How to draw/write a comic book", "Entrepreneur Academy", "Engineer Academy" and so many more great options!

I absolutely would recommend Usborne books, and have officially jumped on the band wagon! Books are truly the one gift I can get on board with for my children, that I don't feel like I've wasted my money on. Check out my 'Usborne Unboxing Review' video at the top of this post, and share with your friends and family! If you're looking for an awesome consultant who can help make your children's reading dreams come true, please contact my sweet friend Erika Grala- Erika.grala@gmail.com and she'd be more than happy to get you started!

Check back for more product reviews!!