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Office Maker Over.

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

DISCLAIMER: You DO NOT need a pretty space to dream in, create in, or workkkkkk hard in! However, if your husband willingly offers to make your ship lap and barn wood dreams come true...GURL! You BEST be saying, "Yes, please!"

I recently closed down my in home daycare, and the room I had used as our play room was now an available space again for dreaming. It had previously been our office, and knowing that I wanted to really start focusing on my writing, I knew it only made since to turn it back into our home office. But this time...instead of a desk we had had from Walmart for 7 years with a broken propped up leg, I wanted to turn it into a budget friendly space where we could be inspired. Where we could dream, plan, and work on all things we dared to put our minds to!

I spent WAY too long on Pinterest trying to gather ideas of what I wanted the office to look like, but that just over complicated a vision I had (as Pinterest usually does!) The only thing I knew I really wanted, was a LARGE L shaped desk made out of wood and some metal pipes converted to desk legs. I wanted us to each have our own section of the desk so that we could work side by side on projects and dreams together.

We knew we were going to ship lap 1 wall, but let me tell you... if either of us had know 1 wall would turn into 2 ship lap walls, and cutting pipes to the exact size of the desk we need to build AROUND wall structures was going to be so complicated...we probably would have been MORE than happy going back to our old broken Walmart desk! But after we cleared the room, there was no going back. Here are a few photos of the office "in progress":

When we started this project, ok... when I started this project...I legitimately sent Ryan a picture of the wall primed with a text that read: "By the way, tonight's the night we start that super easy office project we talked about!"

I promised the hubby I had watched tutorials, and it'd be SO simple! It wouldn't take long at all. I had already gone out and gotten ALL the supplies we needed! (I'm pretty sure we ended up making over a million more trips to the hardware store before all was said and done!) I proclaimed in 1 week and we'd have it knocked out! C'mon babe!! I mean exactly how hard could hanging a few boards of ship lap on the wall, and painting them all white be?!? I'm pretty sure that if Chip and Joanna can do it... I can too!

Turns out, Chip and Joanna are freaken' unicorns with magical ship lap powers!! Because let me tell you... SHIP LAP sucks!! Like, almost end your marriage type sucks. Because THE DARN SHIP LAP BOARDS WON'T LINE UP, but they HAVE TO LINE UP, and he wants to hang it this way, and I want to hang it that way, and we're contemplating just burning the whole ship lap office down just to avoid hearing the stupid word "ship-lap" ever again! And that folks..is about how all our "DIY Projects" go around here. I assure you, we will NOT be the next house flipping couple you see on HGTV.

DIY projects are kind of like giving birth...when you get inspired to do another one...you forget momentarily about all the AWFUL feelings you felt during the last project, just long enough to bravely start another! Just about the time we finished up the ship lap, it was time to build the desk. "This time it really WILL BE easy babe, it's just a simple desk!" This time it was his fault for believing me, or at least that's the story I'm sticking to! We had to build our desk around a few elements attached to the walls that complicated things just a tad, but I am proud to say after many many weeks of cutting, nailing, painting, fighting of ship lap, and staining wood after the kids went to bed THE OFFICE IS FINALLY DONE! And despite the stress, I'm so happy with how it turned out!

We really wanted a desk that would allow us to both work side by side. An office where we each had our own space, all in one shared space where we could work on projects, write, dream, and grow together.

Here's the Mr.'s side of our desk!

Another element we wanted to add were some wood stained/pipe shelves to tie in with the desk. A lot of his & her theme going on in this little space!