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Honest Review On Norwex.

What is Norwex? Norwex is a direct sales company that sells microfiber clothes with a self cleaning technology called Baclock -aka- silver fibers) that allow you to use only the cloth and water to clean your home and body. These cloths will help to reduce or eliminate the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning in your home, and your body.

How did you hear about Norwex? I've heard about Norwex a lot in the past few years through social media, friends who have tried it, and from friends who sell Norwex.

How long have you used Norwex? I bought my first Norwex products somewhere between 6-8 weeks ago. Have been using them ever since.

What did you think of Norwex Before Trying It? Let me just tell you I am a HUGE skeptic! About almost everything, truthfully! So when I first started hearing advertising that Norwex rags could clean up raw chicken and then clean themselves without going through the washing machine...I seriously laughed out loud. I mean...if you want to give your whole family salmonella poisoning...that's your call! Me, however...I won't be jumping on board with you. I never believed they worked. I had no desire to even consider using them. Seemed like just another "fad" in the direct sales world that would make some people a good chunk of money.

What made you want to try Norwex, especially if you were a skeptic? A friend of mine, who is a nurse and mother of a beautiful little girl named Piper- who shares the same genetic condition as my daughter Hailey, shared that she sold Norwex. If you don't know, my daughter Hailey who is 3, has a rare genetic condition. One symptom she experiences with this, is intense need for oral sensory input. In more simpler terms... she puts everything in her mouth! Safe or not. Gross or not. Everything goes in the mouth! So as you can imagine, we have to clean a lot, and the thought of chemicals on the surfaces of items that Hailey chews on, (toys, furniture, chew jewelry, etc.) wasn't the most comforting feeling. Knowing my friend Emily was a nurse, and knows the importance behind keeping germs away...really made me consider that Norwex clothes must actually work, if not how could a nurse and mother of another STX kiddo stand behind them? Slowly but surely, I was considering it more and more. Plus we spend a good chunk of money each month on cleaning supplies and toiletries between 5 people in our house, that saving on those items was a huge motivating factor for us.

What Norwex items have you used? We own the "envirocloth", (basically their rag that cleans anything and everything) the "window cloth", (we use this obviously on windows, but also our stainless steel appliances, and our mirrors), we own the "body cloth", (this replaces body wash, shaving cream, and potentially face wash), and we own the "make up remover cloth", (I have more sensitive skin so I don't use the body cloth on my face).

Does Norwex work? Firstly, I don't sell Norwex. I'm not getting paid to make this review. I'm in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Norwex. This is just an honest and unbiased review on a popular product out there, for you to research before considering purchasing for yourself. Now that I've said that, ....believe it or not...this skeptic says: YES! Norwex works! I won't lie, my biggest struggle with getting use to Norwex is I've always associated SMELL with equating to clean. If my body smells like my hawiann hazelnut body wash after I get out of the shower, then I must be clean, because I SMELL clean! If my countertops smell like citrus from the chemical cleaner I sprayed on them to wipe clean, then they must be clean! However when you're using norwex, there is no chemical, which means there is no smell. TRUE clean, does not mean that it SMELLS like an enjoyable scent. Truly clean means neutral smell. There should be no scent, good or bad. So I won't lie, that's been an adjustment.

Pro's To Using Norwex: No chemicals. Which gives me peace of mind of my families health, and my own. Also, it saves us money! When you use a norwex rag, you're essentially tossing out the chemical cleaning products you use to clean your home, and replacing it with Norwex. The envirocloth (everything rag) has replaced kitchen counter spray for us, clorox wipes, and bathroom surface cleaner. The window cloth replaced windex and stainless steel cleaner spray. The makeup remover cloth replaced: make up remover wipes, and face wash. The body cloth replaced: body wash, shaving cream for me, and shaving gel for my husband. If you use the dusting rag: you can replace expensive disposable dusting covers, and wood polish spray. If you use the norwex mop you're replacing: pinesol floor cleaner, and bleach. The list goes on. Saving money is a huge appeal to us.

Con's To Using Norwex: This is my personal opinion, maybe others would disagree but I found even with multiple sources of cleaning/washing directions, it was overwhelming at first. I've heard and read many previous Norwex owners share that they stopped using their cloths because they began to smell, or worked when they first purchased their clothes but then over time stopped working and began smelling.

I really believe how well you take care of, wash, dry your rags determines how well they will work. And just being honest, from our experience...it's really easy to do it wrong. First, Norwex cloths have a self cleaning technology that they call "Baclock" (The antibacterial agent which is silver-based and is embedded inside the tiny microfiber) it must be hung up properly to dry before the re-use of the rag. For us, there are times in the kitchen where we need to clean often, and waiting for our rag to dry completely before getting wet again isn't going to happen. For that reason, I highly recommend having 2 rags in each room that you would use them frequently so you can alternate use. For us it's our kitchen and bathrooms. This way it ensures that even if you use the rag multiples times you will have a dry rag somewhere that can be used if another is still wet.

Same goes for the body cloth/make up remover cloths. If you do not let them dry completely they will begin to smell, because only when the cloths completely dry is the self cleaning agent able to entirely self clean the cloth. So don't just buy 1, buy a few to ensure dry time while you switch the cloths out for use. We had trouble with our older boys using the shower, grabbing my cloths and leaving them on the shower floor. So when I went to shower my rag had been sitting wet in a pile on the shower floor for sometimes 2 days, and by then they would smell. So what do you do if they smell? Few options. You can wash them with free and clear detergent (another reason why people rags might start to smell, you need a certain kind of detergent) with other norwex items ONLY, then throw in the dryer. Or you can boil hot water and submerge the cloths into the hot water for 45 minutes or until water becomes room temperature, to release any build up or smell.

What is your favorite Norwex product? THE BODY CLOTH! You guys!! I purchased all of our Norwex products out of my own pocket with the exception of the body cloth. I got the body cloth for doing a "Body Cloth Challenge" for one week, IN THE PEAK OF SUMMER, while running 4 times a week, and being a sweaty mess! I didn't believe for a single second it would work. Thankfully the challenge was on a week where I didn't have a whole lot on our calendar, and my thought was...if I smell, I'll just avoid people, and start back up with body wash at the end of the challenge. Day 2 of the challenge I went for a 12 mile run in 90 degree weather. I was drenched in sweat. I smelled. And was convinced the body cloth could not possibly work. I ate crow, because it worked! I wouldn't lie to you all! "Stripped Down To Real"...it REALLY worked! No smell! That sold me! Body wash x's 5 people nearly every day, would save us a lot of money.

Will you continue to use Norwex? Absolutely! Anything that saves us money and keeps our home healthier and safer for the kids, I'm game for! I'm planning to order a dusting bit, and bathroom towels that I will only have to wash once every 2 weeks. Saving time doing laundry, saving laundry detergent and fabric softener, is a win in my book! I still keep bleach at home for our kitchen/bathroom floors because... well, let's be honest- kids!! AND dogs!! They can both be messy and gross! But bleach and other harsh chemicals will be a last resort for extreme circumstances moving forward.

If you'd like to reach out to a consultant with questions about Norwex, I highly recommend Emily Jones. She knew I was a complete skeptic, she was professional, and so great with answering all my questions. You can check out her website at www.emilyajones.norwex.biz

or contact through email at emilyajones314@gmail.com

Thanks everybody for checking out my first Stripped Down To Real: Product Review. Stay tuned for new reviews coming each week!