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-About Jess Ellison-

I am a wife to a pretty awesome man, who also happens to be my favorite human on the planet! I think he's super handsome, and he encourages me to chase down my dreams! In fact, he has been the constant encouragement behind my writing before I ever believed in myself enough to put my voice out into the world. 


We're not perfect...NOPE, not even close! 10 years in...and I still get an angry twitchy left eye when he leaves his dirty clothes NEXT to the laundry hamper. And it still drives him bananas when I'm a back seat driver (Which thankfully for him, is only every time I'm in a vehicle). 

Together we've been blessed to have 3 beautiful, wild, and amazing babies. Guess what? We're not perfect parents either!The journey of parenthood in and of itself, is the most comical one of all because if we're being honest.. we have absolutely no idea most day's what we're doing! But can I tell you a secret? I'm not so convinced that anyone does! We're just trying our best to raise loving human beings with big hearts!

We are special needs family with the birth of our last child, Hailey. It is a journey,..like most special needs families...we never expected. One that left us feeling at times completely isolated from the world.  I'm absolutely certain, all the days of my life, parenting will be the hardest thing we'll ever do, and simultaneously the thing we are most proud of! Despite the challenges of this journey, it's a journey that God is using to grow and stretch our hearts, to teach us how to be better human beings, who bring awareness to understand those who are different from us, to encourage the world to include everybody, and seek to see and know the beauty of ALL life the way God created us to! We hope that our story can be shared, through it's joys and heartaches to encourage and connect other's!

I'm just a sassy red head, who gets fired up over Jesus, family, coffee, sisterhood, women finding their tribe, women finding their calling in life, running, writing, special needs families, and, witnessing people fight for & live out their dreams!

I'm not perfect, I'm real..raw.. and complicated like any other human being on this Earth. But I'm willing to be vulnerable, and share the messy part's of my life, to share chapters of my story that are "Stripped Down To Real", if it means it will help someone else feel less alone and live a better version of their own life! 

The Author Behind Stripped Down To Real.